iOS Apps for iPhone Are NOT Always iPad Ready

iOS Apps For iPhone Are Not Always iPad Ready

Will Your iPhone App Automatically Run On iPad?

With the out-of-control success of iPhone apps many companies are wondering if iPad too will be such a smash hit. It's true apps developed for iPhone will "port" to iPad in theory, however the larger display and quirks of the rotating screen (among other technical issues) make many apps designed for iPhone not always 'iPad ready', and they may not load at all. This fact has caused a rift in the development process and could potentially add way more complexity to the mobile application development timeline (and of course more labor and cost issues).

Ice Cream Software Company in conjuction with Syntropy Software engineering solves this problem by leveraging the powerful yet flexible Titanium Appcelerator development environment. This cross platform process allows both iPhone and iPad app development at the same time and has made it possible to "write it once" and and have it load on many different mobile devices, including iPhone AND iPad.

This flexibility has powerful consequences for your overall install base and can potentially expose your app to not only smart phone consumers, but tablet computer users as well.

iPhone has over 500,000 apps now avalable for download. iPad adoption has lagged behind iPhone. However the release of the iPad 3 (HD) we now know these new tablets are armed with powerful processors making them much more sophisticated computers. Newer apps can harness this horsepower too and the iPad HD can run larger native apps not available on the iPhone. This makes the iPad an "in-between" device that millions of users will eventually get their hands on. And the new processor is an A5x chipset with a dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU that blows away the older iPad. Apple confirms the A5x GPU is two-times the power of the A5 chip found in the older iPad 2 and four times more powerful than NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chipset found in other devices. This puts the new tablet iPad HD in the league of super fast PC's and laptop computers enabling specialized apps for people who are "on-the-go" at home or in the office. So forget about the iPhone -vs- iPad debate. With Ice Cream Software and Appcelerator Titanium you can have it ALL! Call us for more information +1 (561) 379.5897 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.