Twitter Mobile App; The King of Short Burst Media


There is no doubt Twitter is King of all short burst media.

As much as we "Like" Facebook and lean on Google for our circle of web geniuses, Twitter still stacks up with some of the best web ideas ever.

Like exercising, Twitter seems to pay off down-the-road with much persistence. The mobile version of Twitter will be the ticket-to-ride for the many new and old users of Twitter.

Download the new Twitter mobile app here and join the fray of Tweets and Followers.

With a lot of work and dedication Twitter, combined with add-ons that can shape your Twitter experience like news feeds, can prove to be a powerful resource for your daily info feed. I have 2 feeds going Ned Davis general interest and a Technology focus on #AR and private Space Exploration. It's exciting to see what a super-focused Twitter-verse can provide.

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