Mobile Apps for Retailers; How To Win The Smart Phone Wars and Woo Customers

mobile apps for retailers

Small and Large Retailers Join the Mobile Apps Game and Hope to Woo Customers Back.

Target stores today announced their partnership with the ShopKick APP that allows users to scan items and other products in their store for 'reward points' good for discounts later. Even if the customer buys the item somewhere else, Target allows the "lost" customer to return later and apply the points to another item (or use them elsewhere in the ShopKick vendor system). Mobile apps for retailers are entering a new generation of sophistication and they are fighting back against online discounters with a Star Wars like zeal in what they hope will vindicate the retail experience to American Consumers.

How is this all possible? Well for one, retailers are losing the war to online shopping. With the cost of doing business and operational overhead not getting any better, brick and mortar stores are in the fight for their virtual lives against the onslaught of websites offering the same or similar goods at fractional discounts with free shipping and low cost operational models. Their customers are literally walking out the door armed with a smart phone and a better offer. At worst, shop owners are mere "hands on" centers for an online competitor. At best, retailers and shop owners can bring customers back by offering something a website never can; a physical location that a customer WANTS to hang out in (think Teens and Mom's) and abundant value that a savvy shopper can't resist (think Costco and Target).

New App Driven Back Office and POS Systems are Increasing the Power of Small Merchants, Boutiques and Mid-Size Retailers.

Some other clever apps allowing more POS control via mobile application. ShopKeep POS is a new system in the cloud leveraging a tablet computer (iPad) and swipe hardware (even cash drawers and printing receipts capability) for retailers. Shopkeep POS is meant to replace expensive POS terminal systems and legacy Inventory Management Hardware/Software packages with low-cost cloud driven solutions (designed by a small grocer so it's battle tested). ShopKeep POS for iPad and soon to be smart phone here to the rescue. ShopKeeper POS can work with your inventory to apply discounts and other sophisticated Inventory Management systems that integrates with the way you work, your inventory, accounting and even provides analytics.

ShopKeep POS is Cloud-based iPad POS System that can save shopkeepers time and money from the back office realm of apps. ShopKeep POS is also an iPad POS (Point of Sale) system that gives merchants the power to run and analyze their businesses leveraging iPad's touch interface and data cloud storage and retieval interface. By combining a iPad POS system called BackOffice reporting, shopkeeper does analysis of inventory, generates reports for you sales meetings connects to CRM. Update pricing while your on the floor. Apply discounts when the bus full of tourists pulls up "on-the-fly"is super handy for the busy shop keep. And check sales numbers in real-time from anywhere. If your interet goes down ther is an "always on" internet connect to work as well. Handy indeed.

As retailers fight back against the mobile onslaught, APPS continue to provide tremendous value to their users. If you have ever wondered how to build an app give Ice Cream Software a call. We can discuss your options and determine the best course of action to develop your own mobile application.

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