ANDROID FOR GAMES; How Game Developers For Mobile Are Killing It!

apple ios development"Give it away, give it away, give it away now..." Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Compelling Argument of "Freemium" Services with In-App Monetization For Power Users is Gaining Ground in Android for Games and Mobile App Business Models.

Basically, this is similar to the Facebook/Zynga model. Give away a highly developed functioning mobile application (Facebook) and integrate 'gates' into the system where users must pay for upgrades (Zynga Games). The system is cleverly designed to entice the user with more powerful features and adds value every step of the way (or at junctures in usage or 'break points' where the designers know you will want more).

Gaming of course is perfectly suited for this type of model and the "risk/reward" component is built right in to game play (i.e purchasing more weapons or accessing stronger powers that give you a competitive edge). In business apps it's a slippery slope to disable features and charge as they are needed. Yet this idea is gaining more ground as users gobble up apps in droves and the market matures for both free and paid apps.

Beyond Banner and Impression Ads on Small Screen Cell Phones.

There is no doubt mobile app usage is on the rise. Competition for eyeballs is the bread-and-butter of ad agencies and large companies spend millions a year competing for the opportunity to advertise and make you an offer.

Yet leveraging the usage of features inside an application can unlock hidden revenue beyond advertising and display ad monetization (and merely counting clicks for cash).

According to Game Developer Magazine ( Sword & Sworcery EP iPhone Game APP available in the Apple app store sold 300,000 units at $4.99 each. This example shows you how a dedicated small team of developers can deliver stunning business results and revenue, hauling in a cool $1.5 million in only 6 months. But that revenue was just for downloads. The high price might have been a recipe for failure. However, due to many factors and not specifically the higher price, it was a smash hit none-the-less. But there are even more ways to dramatically increase revenue by leveraging in-app monetization (athough this small team of mobile game developers to their credit still made a serious killing).

Selling your app in an app stores seems like a no brainer. In the Apple App Store, 47% of apps are free. The apps that charge break down as follows; 26% of apps are $.99 and 11% are $1.99. Higher priced apps are on the rise but should you charge for download? It's obvious a free app may be selected before a paid app but what does the data show?

Though counter-intuitive, many companies are realizing some clever techniques to dramatically increase downloads and boost revenue via in-app monetization while giving away the app for free. The idea being, once people download the app or game for free they can up-sell and purchase other virtual goods and upgrades inside of the app. Though annoying at times to certain users, it is a very effective way to actually make more money. The In-App monetization payment method accounts for 81% of iPhone game revenue. It's a huge number estimated to be in the hundreds-of-millions of dollars in revenue.

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