What Is Ice Cream Sandwich Software


Ice Cream Sandwich software is a version of the Android operating system running on both smart phones and tablet computers developed by Google, Inc and is now deployed on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

HISTORY As there are many different types of cell phones that were released over the last decade the operating system that runs these phones were being developed at the same time as these millions of phones were being released into the marketplace. It's a lot like flying an airplane and making repairs to the wings while it's in the air. The risk of introducing a malfunction during critical use is great. Also, to add to the complexity of OS version control, as software developers are building one mobile app targeting one version of the OS another version that updates the OS may render that app incompatible and unable to open on the newer OS version.

VERSION CONTROL Any software development requires version control. With multiple people working at the same time on different components version control is critical to accidentally overwriting updates or losing valuable progress by working backwards and overwriting data. Ice Cream Sandwich is Google's attempt to put the version Jeanie back in the bottle. Officially Android 4.0x Ice Cream Sandwich also solves a pressing problem of 'tablet computer' scalability of apps used on smaller smart phones. Now software developers can write the application and with minor tweaks have it also load on a tablet's larger screen without re-inventing the wheel. This is a huge time savings as well for small app companies developing on smaller budgets.

HERE TO STAY Apps have come to the rescue for many smart companies who have recognized the importance of going where there customers are; on the move with a smart phone or tablet computer. Android's newest features represented in Ice Cream Software updates rival the fully developed iOS for Iphone and iPad. And the race is on with Apple iOS6 and Ice Cream Sandwich jockeying for the lead. Steve Jobs said he would spend every last penny moving heaven and earth to defeat Android. He was not a "kid around" kind of guy. So Apple mobile OS will be a formidable opponent to Google for many years to come and we the consumers can simply relish each new mind blowing update.

Moving forward, Ice Cream Sandwich is promising to be the catch-all for the Android OS. Handset device makers and mobile application developers need to step up to the plate to allow an easier versioning and upgrades to the devices that takes the burden off the user.

Apple is very slick in respect to upgrades. With the success of Lion and the triumph of OSX and iOS they can comfortably charge the drooling masses for upgrades (which of course Steve Jobs KNEW people would form lines over). There's a reason Apple stores make over $4,000 per square foot. Yet Lion and OSX upgrades for a fee, and forcing users to evolve, is very painful. Sometimes moving forward with Apple will set you back and only adds to their bottom line. Maybe Google should look at monetizing upgrades for the ease-of-use and to prop up the revenue behind a proper OS that keeps up to date.

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